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MID Study 2011

In March 2011, the Research Association 3-D MID published the new study “MID-Study 2011 – Market and Technology Analysis”. You will find a brief overview of the content below. The order form for the study and further information can be found at Members of the Research Association receive the study at a discounted price.






MID Survey 2011 – Market and technology analysis

The number of MID series applications increased significantly in 2010. This is supplemented by a number of new MID system manufacturers and MID producers who earn considerable revenues.  Against this background, the advanced 2011 MID Survey intends to clarify the reasons for the development of the MID sector and how it can continue. To achieve this, first of all the German market will be evaluated within the context of a global comparison and the technology will be evaluated on the basis of interviews with experts and their take on current state of the technology. Subsequent, current MID applications are presented and a few reference projects are described in detail.

 MID market in a global comparison

This chapter examines the German MID market and compares it with other  markets in the regions of Europe, USA and Asia.

Technology analysis

MID technology will be analysed in three steps. First of all, the current state of the technology will be presented in a compact form. On the basis of expert interviews, current opportunities and the limits of the technology are then identified and evaluated. To conclude, future action fields for MID technology will be presented.

Application analysis

The focus is only on current series applications. For selected series applications, there will be a detailed description of the MID project from the initial idea through deployment by the customer. Major key factors for successful MID projects are also be examined.

 The present survey was headed by Prof. Jörg Franke, professor of Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, and Prof. Jürgen Gausemeier, Heinz Nixdorf Institute (HNI) in Paderborn, and created by Christian Goth (FAPS) and Roman Dumitrescu (HNI).

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