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How To Select The Proper LDS Material?

February 20, 2012

Without the proper material selection from the beginning, your LDS project could easily go from a hit to a headache. There are a number of important considerations when determining the proper base material of your LDS project. Among them are:

LDS granulate

LDS granulate

  • Thermal Expansion
  • Water Absorption
  • Mechanical Characteristics
  • Solderability (including laser or supersonic welding)

A number of series materials or thermoplastics are available to produce injection-moulded MIDs for the LPKF-LDS method. These materials are suitable for a large number of different applications thanks to their broad spectrum of properties:

PA6/6T (semi-aromatic polyamide), based on Ultramid®

  • very high thermal shape stability, suitable for reflow soldering (also with lead-free solder)
  • very good mechanical properties

Thermoplastic polyester (PBT, PET and blends), based on Pocan®

  • very good mechanical and electrical properties
  • very high thermal shape stability with addition of PET

Crosslinked PBT (polybutylenterephathalate), based on Vestodur®

  • migration-resistant fire protection equipment (VO – 0.4 mm after UL94)
  • irradiation crosslinkable for high temperature resistance (all soldering processes)

LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), based on Vectra®

  • very good flow properties
  • very good dimensional stability under thermal stress

PC/ABS (polycarbonate / acrylnitrile / butadiene / styrol)*

  • very good surface properties
  • very good mechanical properties

LDS Materials Pyramid

Everything starts with a good understanding of your project and a discussion with an LDS expert like SelectConnect Technologies.

SelectConnect Technologies manufactures 3-dimensional molded interconnects using the LPKF-LDS process to laser scribe circuitry on injection molded components as well as selectively plates circuits integrated into components produced by the Double-Shot molding process.

As the only contract provider of LDS 3D-MID services in North America, we work on projects from early phase prototypes and scale up to high-volume production.  Contact us to learn more about our processes and


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