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The 4 R’s of Selective Metallization of Plastic

January 30, 2012

When you selectively metallize circuitry on plastic, you create what is called a 3 Dimensional Molded Interconnect Device or 3D MID. There are several methods of creating 3D MID’s however the benefits can be seen across technologies. The two main technologies are Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) and the metallization of a double-shot molded component.

The 4 R’s of Selective Metallization of Plastics are:

Reduce Weight

Today’s plastics are strong enough to replace aluminum in many applications and plastics weigh half as much. Add to that the elimination of a pcb when you structure your circuitry directly onto the plastic part and your weight savings are substantial.

Reduce Size

The combination of electric and mechanical systems combine with the efficient use of all the available space in the carrier allow for substantial reductions in size.

Reduce Complexity

Your circuit paths are run directly on the molded component eliminating wires and interconnects. The need for multi-layer pcb’s is also drastically reduced.

Reduce Cost

Because the electrical and mechanical systems are integrated, assembly times can be greatly reduced.

For additional information on 3D MID’s visit SelectConnect Technologies or call us at (847) 359-1490.

SelectConnect Technologies manufactures 3-dimensional molded interconnects using the LPKF-LDS process to laser scribe circuitry on injection molded components as well as selectively plates circuits integrated into components produced by the Double-Shot molding process.

As the only contract provider of LDS 3D-MID services in North America, we work on projects from early phase prototypes and scale up to high-volume production.  Contact us to learn more about our processes and


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