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How Creative Are You?

January 23, 2012

How Creative are you?

Many engineers see themselves as creative. Instead of working with paints, you work with circuits, wires and boards. You take something and make it better, faster, smaller, etc. Or you create something new, something the world has never experienced.

How do you do it?

Are you born creative?

Is it part of your being?

Or is it something we all have that can be nurtured?

As an engineer, you would agree that creativity is essential in your job. New designs require a great deal of creativity. New designs almost always create a lot of buzz.

But how do you top the last success?

I may just be in how you think about it.

Watch this video from TED and then tell us how you foster your “creative genius” by leaving a comment or just go here to explore some new design techniques.


SelectConnect Technologies manufactures 3-dimensional molded interconnects using the LPKF-LDS process to laser scribe circuitry on injection molded components as well as selectively plates circuits integrated into components produced by the Double-Shot molding process.

As the only contract provider of LDS 3D-MID services in North America, we work on projects from early phase prototypes and scale up to high-volume production.  Contact us to learn more about our processes and


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